Quotation for Korean plastic doors

Korean plastic doors are one of the most popular interior door lines on the market today. Please refer to the price list of Korean plastic doors and the most detailed product accompanying accessories at Saigon Door through the article below.

1. What is Korean plastic door?

Cửa nhựa Hàn Quốc là gì?

Korean plastic doors, also known as ABS plastic doors (Acrylonitrile, Butadien and Styren) are high-class plastic doors with preeminent features such as:
  • 100% waterproof
  • Anti-termite, moisture-resistant
  • Anti-fire spread
  • High aesthetics
  • Various models
  • Good sound insulation
  • Light weight, easy construction

2. Korean plastic door structure

Cấu tạo cửa nhựa Hàn Quốc

Structure of high-grade plastic door line – Korean ABS plastic door includes:
  • DeCo-Sheet Resin
  • ABS plastic
  • The middle layer has expanded PVC laminate pressed around the door for stability and locking.
  • Hardwood LVL layers are arranged in many layers to avoid expansion and warping.
  • Honey-Comb is reinforced in the middle layer for heat and sound insulation.
  • Specialized glue
The above materials are pressed by a 7-ton hydraulic machine in about 10 hours.

3. Quotation of Korean plastic doors

Báo giá cửa nhựa Hàn Quốc

Refer to the detailed price of Korean plastic doors below:
Patterned ABS door model
Mẫu cửa ABS có hoa văn
Patterned ABS door model
Dimensions 900 (800) x 2,100: Price 2,999,900 VND/set
Size 900 (800) x 2,200: Price 3,150,000 VND/set
Smooth ABS door model
Mẫu cửa nhựa Hàn Quốc trơn

Korean plastic door model is smooth
Size 900 (800) x 2,100: Price 3,050,000 VND/set
Dimensions 900 (800) x 2,200: Price 3,199,900 VND/set
Note: The above price does not include 10% VAT, does not include installation work.

4. Quotation of accessories included

Báo giá phụ kiện đi kèm

In addition to the price list of Korean plastic doors, to answer your questions, the article will provide additional quotations for accessories included with the product:
  • Doors with extra clear glass, Extra frosted glass (+ 50,000 VND/set), Standard-balanced glass with dimensions:
  • 201 KSD: 399,000 VND
  • KSD 202 (203): 499,000 VND
  • KSD 206 (204): 599,000 VND
  • Double-sided decorative cover (plastic mica): 699,000 VND
  • Wind umbrella (leaf) 330x250mm: 599,000 VND
  • Aluminum thread: 599,000/set
  • Fixed glass pane (fixed box): 990,000 VND
  • Fixed glass (fixed box) ABS Panel type: 1,490,000 VND/set
  • Brace (1 side): 219,900 VND
  • Hinge: 180,000 VND
  • Locks: 550,000 VND
Note: The above price does not include 10% VAT, does not include installation work.

5. How to calculate the price of a simple Korean plastic door set?

Cách tính cửa nhựa Hàn Quốc đơn giản

In fact, in addition to the direct cost of the product, customers will need to pay some additional costs related to the construction and installation process. See details below:
Construction of doors for residential houses, retail customers
– HDF door, Veneer, MDF, plastic door, wood plastic door: 850,000 VND
– Apartment, office building: 380,000 VND
– Double door with 2 wings and sliding door with 1 wing: 450,000 VND
  • Silicon Shot: 660,000 VND/set (according to customer’s request)
  • Foam capacity: 150,000 VND/set (insert foam on request)
  • Wind cotton, fix umbrella (5 cups):
– 40cm tall: 550,000 VND/set
– 50cm tall: 650,000 VND/set
– 60cm tall: 750,000 VND/set
Construction to the province: plus 100,000 VND (provinces adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City)
Please refer to the detailed price estimate of Korean plastic doors at Saigon Door below:
  • Apartment project, delivery in Ho Chi Minh city, installation for 1 single set. Door size 2100x800mm + normal push handle + hinge 3 pieces/set: 5,166,000 VND/set.
  • Level 4 house construction, delivery in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City, installation for 1 single set. Door size 2100x900m + hinges 4 pieces/set + round lock with good quality lever + silicone shooting column: 5,318,000 VND/set.
  • Townhouse construction, delivery at the showroom system, installation for a couple. Door size 2200x900mm + hinges 4 pieces/set + round lock with good quality lever: 5,876,000 VND/set.

6. Realistic Korean plastic door models

Currently, Korean plastic door models are extremely diverse on the market with many beautiful and luxurious designs, suitable for many designs.
Join Saigon Door to refer to some of the most popular Korean plastic door models in Saigon Door today:

mẫu cửa nhựa Hàn Quốc thực tế 1

Mẫu cửa nhựa Hàn Quốc thực tế 2

Mẫu cửa nhựa Hàn Quốc thực tế 3

In addition to the above models, customers can refer to hundreds of Korean ABS door models at Saigon Door via website: https://saigondoor.vn. The unit also accepts product design according to customer requirements. Commitment to receiving orders, designing, manufacturing and constructing products is extremely fast
Through the article, we have provided readers with a quote for Korean plastic doors at the leading unit in the field of interior doors – Saigon Door. Immediately contact Saigon Door via hotline: 0814.400.400 for advice and purchase support.



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