Top 20+ most effective fireproof steel door models today

Currently, the demand for using doors in the interior market is gradually increasing, because fires and explosions are happening more and more. Therefore, the introduction of fireproof steel doors is the most optimal measure. With many advantages such as reasonable price, diverse designs, high durability, good heat resistance, fireproof steel door products are very popular. Are you looking for fireproof steel doors? SaiGonDoor will send you the most useful information in the article below.
1. Single-leaf fireproof steel door model with exit glass
Single-leaf fireproof steel doors are often installed for houses and small and medium-sized projects. Installed additional glass panes to make it easier for you to see. The door is also equipped with an exit lever that will be easier for the door user, opening the door quickly without much effort.

Mẫu cửa thép chống cháy 1 cánh có ô kính thoát hiểm

2. Model 2P fireproof steel door with hydraulic
The 2P fireproof steel door model is a line of fireproof doors with 2-wing design, with extremely diverse colors such as red, blue, white, … And equipped with a number of additional accessories: hydraulic bar, exit bar, … 2P fireproof steel doors are powder coated, suitable for installation in sports arenas, emergency exits,…

 Mẫu Cửa chống cháy thép 2P có thủy lực

3. Model of 3P steel fire door with large and small wings
3P fireproof steel door model is a fireproof door model with 3 wings: 2 large wings and 1 small wing, usually installed in factories, industrial parks, factories.

 Mẫu cửa chống cháy thép 3P cánh lớn nhỏ

4. Fireproof steel door 2P1G1
This steel fireproof door model has the ability to withstand heat up to 600 degrees Celsius. In particular, the glass wool layer and bearing bone help the product with extremely high fire resistance. Besides, this door model is also painted with electrostatic paint, so it is extremely safe for users.

Cửa thép chống cháy 2P1G1  

5. Model 2P1 . Steel Fire Door
Unlike ordinary wooden doors, this steel fireproof door model is electrostatically coated, so it is not termite, easy to clean, very durable. That’s why fireproof steel doors give you absolute peace of mind during use without having to worry about repair and maintenance issues.

Mẫu Cửa chống cháy thép 2P1

6. Wood grain steel door 2P
2P wood grain steel door is a 2-wing fireproof door model with mother and child, the exterior is processed with molded panel cells, giving the feeling of a traditional wooden door.

Mẫu Cửa chống cháy thép 2P mẹ bồng con

7. Wood grain steel door GS4H15H8K
GS4H15H8K wood grain steel door is a wide-formed fireproof door model, a 4-leaf door model, with 2 glass panes installed in the wings and fixed glass panes. GS4H15H8K wood grain steel doors are usually installed for villas, rooms with space. great.

Cửa thép vân gỗ GS4H15H8K

8. Sample of GS1H9 . wood grain fireproof steel door
GS1H9 wood grain steel door is a modern 1-wing fireproof door model. Wood grain steel door with modern design, high durability gives users absolute peace of mind during use. Thereby helping your project become complete and highly aesthetic

Mẫu cửa thép chống cháy vân gỗ GS1H9

9. Wood grain steel door CS2K
This wood grain fireproof steel door with the outstanding advantage is that it is processed by high-grade monolithic steel to bring very high mechanical strength. This ensures that no warping or cracking occurs during use, even in the harshest environmental conditions.

Cửa thép vân gỗ CS2K

10. Wood grain steel door 2H9-T

Cửa thép vân gỗ 2H9-T
This is one of the models of Fire Doors at Saigondoor that have been widely used, chosen by many customers to install in many locations. This is considered a shield to protect human safety and prevent any uncertainties and risks that may occur.
11. Korean steel door 651T

Cửa thép Hàn Quốc 651T

12. Korean Steel Door 317GH-TILLION
Korean 317GH-T steel door is a luxurious patterned fireproof steel door model with high hardness. This Korean steel door  is stamped with a pattern at the request of the customer, has a modern and luxurious exterior.

Cửa thép Hàn Quốc 317GH-T

13. Korean steel door 101T
Korean steel door 101T belongs to the series of 400 series Korean steel doors, powder coated in 1 color with a blade thickness of 0.7mm.

Cửa thép Hàn Quốc 101T

14. Korean steel door 512
Korean steel door 512 belongs to the series of 500 series Korean steel doors, is a simple patterned steel door model.

Mẫu Cửa chống cháy thép Hàn Quốc 512

15. Fireproof steel door 930 – HOUSE
930 fireproof steel door – GH mother carries her child, equipped with a long glass pane. The door has a modern and luxurious design, which can be installed for bedroom doors, office doors,…

Cửa thép chống cháy 930 - GH

16. Model of Korean fireproof steel door Glass – EGI – WILL
Glass – EGI – WORLD fireproof steel door is a 1-leaf plain fire-resistant door model, installed with a very modern and sophisticated glass and leaf umbrella. Nos is suitable for locations such as balconies, hotels, bars,…

Mẫu cửa thép chống cháy Hàn Quốc Glass - EGI - S

17. SGD 2 . wood grain fireproof steel door model
The 2-wing wood grain fireproof door model is popular and used a lot by schools, social centers, and hospitals. With bright colors, eye-catching designs most suitable for any space.

Mẫu cửa thép chống cháy vân gỗ SGD 2

18.  Green P1G1 fireproof steel door for escape
Blue P1G1 steel door for emergency exit is a blue 1-leaf steel door installed for emergency doors, helping to increase the ability to prevent fire and explosion for the entire room.

Cửa thép chống cháy P1G1 xanh thoát hiểm

19.  Red TCC P1G1 fireproof steel door

Cửa thép chống cháy TCC P1G1 đỏ

P1 red fireproof steel door with simple structure including glass panes combined with door handles creates convenience and safety for use.
20. Fireproof steel door 2PG2

Cửa thép chống cháy 2PG2

The above article is the basic information about the popular effective fireproof steel door models at SaigonDoor. SaigonDoor is a company specializing in manufacturing and supplying high quality fire door models in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces.
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