What is MDF wood door? Application and structure

The demand for MDF doors is increasing, and MDF doors have become the main product of Saigondoor and in showrooms. MDF industrial wooden doors are gradually asserting themselves in the market. So what is MDF wood door? What is the structure, application and quotation of this door line? Please refer to the article below for clarification.
1. What is MDF wood door?
MDF doors are short for Medium Density Fiberboard, which translates to medium-density fiberboard doors. In fact, MDF is the combined name of three types of fiberboard products with medium compression and very high density. MDF panels were first born in a workshop called Deposit in the US. Since then, the product has been quickly received and widely used by many users around the world, including Vietnam.
Cửa gỗ công nghiệp MDF được ra đời đầu tiên tại Mỹ

The main ingredient of MDF is natural wood fiber powder and is crushed by specialized machines, then mixed with some additives to prevent termites and mold. Next, the product is put into the sink to remove all remaining impurities in the mixture. Finally, they are put into the mixer and use special glue to compress the wood into a whole slab.
The surface of the MDF door is very flat and smooth. Depending on the intended use of the customer, when producing, the processing teams will press the MDF panels into layers of a certain thickness, decorate them with their own patterns and colors.

Cửa gỗ MDF có bề mặt rất mềm mịn và phẳng

2. Structure of MDF industrial doors

Door part:
The first is about the door, the wooden door will be made from 2 layers of MDF material with a thickness ranging from 6mm – 8mm which is beautiful and durable over the years. The advantage of surface treatment technology helps industrial wood door products not fade like ordinary PU paint, creating a product with natural and luxurious wood grain. In addition, the maintenance of this part is also extremely simple, customers only need to wipe the product to be as clean as new.
Door frame part
Next is the door frame which is made of MDF, which has undergone processing and surface treatment. Door surface is treated with PVC Laminate film pressing technology. Pressed at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and vacuumed to make the surface even and luxurious.
The door frame is divided into many types of details for easy assembly as follows:
Door frame size:
  • The thickest point of the door frame: 45mm (with rubber gasket installed)
  • Door lock point: 30mm
  • Door trim: 50mm wide, 15mm thick
Cấu tạo cửa gỗ công nghiệp MDF
Accessories for MDF doors

Phụ kiện đi kèm của cửa gỗ công nghiệp MDF

  • Door hinge: This is an accessory that uses stainless steel material with a smart design and minimizes the gap when installed.
  • Door handles and locks: These are also made of stainless steel with luxurious and simple design. Stainless steel lever lock is preferred by almost every Vietnamese family.
  • Hydraulic retractable arm, Door latch, Magic eye, Light glass,…
3. Quotation of MDF industrial wood doors
MDF doors are considered a competitive advantage of plastic doors at Saigondoor, from only VND 1.5 million, you can choose for yourself a stylish, exclusive design with your own aesthetic.
  • MDF Veneer Door / Veneer Covered Plywood: 1700,000 VND/m2
  • MDF Veneer door (moisture-proof green core): 1,800,000 VND/m2
  • Melamine-coated MDF door: 2,100,000 VND/m2
  • Laminate MDF door: 2,600,000 VND/m2
  • MDF (Plastic) door covered with Laminate: 3,600,000 VND/m2
Báo giá cửa gỗ gỗ công nghiệp MDF 

Note: The above unit price applies to the flat model, excluding the leaf, hinge…. For the specific requirements of the customer, there will be a drawing table with a detailed quote.
Currently, the MDF (Plastic) Laminate door model is the most advanced line of industrial wood doors, with the surface of which is a high-class wood grain Laminate glued on the Plastic layer, inside is natural wood core. Therefore, this door model is highly durable, waterproof, and does not warp during use.

4. Application of MDF doors

MDF doors are used in most interior door items: used as doors, doors to rooms, bedroom doors, office doors, apartment doors, hotels, etc.

5. Models of MDF industrial doors are in vogue

Here are some best-selling MDF wood door models at SaigonDoor:

Mẫu cửa gỗ công nghiệp MDF đang thịnh hành

Mẫu cửa gỗ công nghiệp MDF Laminate

Mẫu cửa gỗ công nghiệp MDF Veneer

Cua go cong nghiepp MDF la gi 3


Báo giá cửa gỗ gỗ công nghiệp MDF 

Above are the most detailed information to answer the question of what is MDF industrial wood doors? In Ho Chi Minh City today, Saigondoor is one of the reliable and prestigious addresses for customers to trust and choose for their family the most satisfactory model. Please contact us immediately via hotline: 0818.400.400 for advice, answers and specific quotes.





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