Detailed introduction of fake wood plastic door structure

Currently, the product line of fake wooden doors is being interested by many customers. Most customers want to know about the structure of fake wood plastic doors in detail and the specific price list such as Taiwan fake wood doors, Korean abs plastic doors, Malaysian doors,… SaiGonDoor will answer. Those questions of customers in the article below.
I. What is a fake wood plastic door?
Before going to learn about the structure of wooden imitation plastic doors, let’s learn the concept of wood imitation plastic doors, and why say wood imitation plastic doors are so popular nowadays. Today, wood imitation plastic doors for bedrooms are popular with most consumers. Because it not only meets the aesthetic requirements, diverse models and types, but also makes customers feel secure about the quality. This product integrates many advantages that no other material has.
Cửa nhựa giả gỗ đang rất được ưa chuộng hiện nay
Wood imitation plastic doors are very popular these days
Wood imitation plastic door is understood as a surface layer door with veins and colors similar to natural wood. The internal structure is made of composite plastic, or models of ABS, PVC, etc. These doors have many advantages compared to traditional wooden doors.
II. Construction of fake wood plastic doors
The structure of the fake wood plastic door is composed of 3 basic parts: the door, the door frame (the door frame, the frame) and the attached accessories.

Cấu tạo cửa nhựa giả gỗ 

a. The door part
The core door is made from PVC wood panel. This is the result of a combination of fine wood chips and virgin PVC resin, additives, and specialized glue. Mixed in a mixer at high temperature and pressure.

Cấu tạo cánh cửa của cửa nhựa giả gỗ

  • The part of the wood grain plastic door is molded monolithically and has a soundproof space.
  • The door is engraved with motifs and patterns, so it creates a variety of designs and models to help customers have many choices.
  • The outer surface is covered with a layer of high-grade wood grain, or painted in color, so that the plastic door with wood grain looks very natural but no less luxurious.

Phần cánh cửa nhựa vân gỗ được đúc nguyên khối

b. Door frame part

  • Door frame, also known as door frame, cover frame. In the finished structure, the frame is the part that is directly attached to the wall. Its task is to connect to the door through hinges.
  • Usually made of industrial wood products, so it is very smooth, PVC, ABS or Composite plastic, the outer surface is covered with a layer of high-grade wood grain or painted according to customer requirements, making the wood grain plastic door become more attractive. Luxurious, natural.
  • Wood imitation plastic door frames are divided into 2 types: molded frames and assembled frames

Khung đúc cửa nhựa giả gỗ


Khung ghép thanh cửa nhựa giả gỗ

c. Structure of plastic imitation wood door only
Splint, or door brace, is responsible for covering the gaps between the door frame and the wall surface. The most common types of splints today include flat splints, curved splints, and floor splints.
Depending on the structure of the door frame, the brace can only be closed on one or two sides of the door (inside and outside). The brace is only available in widths usually in the range of 50-60mm, and is connected to the door frame with screws or silicon.
d. Some great accessories included
Hydraulic retractor, hinge, door latch, door handle, magic eye, light glass

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III. The cheapest price of fake wood doors
In order to help customers in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general can refer to and buy cheap, quality, standard and eye-catching plastic doors, SaiGonDoor would like to provide the following detailed price list:
1. Korean ABS plastic door imitation wood
Patterned imitation wood ABS door model
  • Dimensions 900 (800) x 2,100: Price 2,999,900 VND/set
  • Size 900 (800) x 2,200: Price 3,150,000 VND/set
Smooth ABS door model
  • Size 900 (800) x 2,100: Price 3,050,000 VND/set
  • Dimensions 900 (800) x 2,200: Price 3,199,900 VND/set

Cửa nhựa ABS Hàn Quốc giả gỗ

2. Wood imitation composite doors
  • Composite plastic door (press plate): 4,300,000 VND/set
  • Composite doors (casting panels): 5,500,000 VND/set
3. Wood imitation sungyu plastic door
  • The SYB (Vanity) line at Saigondoor has a price of 2,950,000 / set of doors
  • The SYA (Painting) line on the market has a price of about 3,150,000 / set of doors
  • LX series (Premium Luxury)  on the market costs about 3,550,000/set of doors

Cửa nhựa sungyu giả gỗ


4. Wood-imitation plastic doors

Product Type Size(mm) Unit price ( VND/bộ)
WOOD PLASTIC DOORS 800 x 2100 2.890.000
900 x 2200 3.000.000

5. Taiwan plastic door imitation wood

Cửa nhựa Đài Loan giả gỗ
Taiwan plastic door imitation wood


STT Door Type Model Size Unit price/set
1 Taiwan composite doors According to the catalog. Limit small samples below 750mm 800 x 2050mm 1.750.000
900 x 2150mm


2 Laminated plastic door According to the catalog. Restrict sample height below 2150mm 800 x 2050mm 2.350.000
900 x 2150mm 2.550.000
3 Taiwan molded plastic door According to the catalog. Limit samples to less than 2150mm in height and 900mm . in width 800 x 2050mm 1.950.000
900 x 2150mm 2.250.000


6. Imitation wood malaysia plastic door


Cửa nhựa malaysia giả gỗ
Imitation wood malaysia plastic door


Door Type Model Size Unit price
Taiwan plastic door According to the catalog (Hinges cover) 800 x 2100mm 890.000 VNĐ/bộ
900 x 2200mm 950.000 VNĐ/bộ

IV. How to calculate the price of a simple wooden imitation plastic door set

Along with the price of fake wood plastic doors, we list some additional costs associated with:
  1. Construction of doors for residential houses, retail customers
  2. HDF door, Veneer, MDF, plastic door, wood plastic door: 500,000 – 850,000 VND
  3. Apartment, office building: 380,000 VND
  4. Double door with 2 wings and sliding door with 1 wing: 450,000 VND
  5. Silicon shot: 660,000 VND/set (according to customer’s request), Foam shot cost 150,000 VND/set (insert foam upon request)
  6. Wind cotton, fix umbrella (5 cups):
  • 40cm tall: 550,000 VND/set
  • 50cm tall: 650,000 VND/set
  • 60cm tall: 750,000 VND/set
Installation to the province: plus 100,000 – 300,000 VND depending on geographical location
In order to help you easily imagine how to calculate the price of a simple wooden imitation plastic door at home, in addition to the detailed price of fake wood plastic door, we have attached a price estimate for your reference:
  • Model of apartment building with Taiwanese plastic doors: 3 hinges + normal air push handle + Foam sealing + size 2100 x 800 has a price of 3,322,000 VND/set.
  • The model of the apartment building with composite plastic doors installed: 4 hinges + normal air push handle + Foam sealing + size 2100 x 800 has a price of 4,566,000 VND/set.
  • The model of the apartment building with abs plastic door installed: 3 hinges with air-tight pushers, foam-sealed, size 2100 x 800, priced at VND 4,596,000/set.

V. Realistic imitation wood plastic door model

Here are some pictures of fake wood plastic doors that are popular with customers at SaigonDoor, please read for reference:

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Cửa nhựa giả gỗ Đài Loan

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Cửa nhựa Malaysia giả gỗ

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cau tao cua nhua gia go 05 8081g.png 1

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Hopefully, this article has brought useful information along with detailed fake wood door structure to help you choose the most suitable type of wooden door for your home. You can also call 0818.400.400 for advice as well as receive more offers from!

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